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No More Animal Antics!

The circus ring is a selfish place. Parading wild animals for the pleasure of an uneducated audience. Our mission to appeal to the conscience of those that buy tickets. Take away the funds that propagate this archaic practice of carting cages from town to town, remove the suffering… and leave the clown. Act on the behalf of those, that are forced to act. We bring together the causes and organizations that strive to alleviate the plight of circus animals. By harnessing the power of social media to create Unity and foster Community. We recruit, educate and motivate Affiliates to generate residual Revenue for themselves… while at the same time drawing attention to abused animals. We also facilitate workshops and networking Events worldwide.


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Animal Lovers

Animal Lovers


Need Extra Cash?

Need Extra Money?


Scholars & Students

Scholars & Students


Stay at home parents



Employment Seekers

Employment Seekers


Employed but always broke!

Employed But Always Broke


Business Owners

Struggling Business Owners


Super Affiliates

Successful Super Affiliates


Retrenched & Retired Folks

Retrenched & Retired Folks


Administrators & Management Teams

Administrators & Managers


Anyone can do this!

The ZaGenie Blueprint

A Blueprint For Everyone!

Anyone can do this!

No matter where you are in the world, nor what you do for a living, ZaGenie helps you be more productive. It’s Time To LIVE Your Life! See how to explore the world. Become a global village citizen. Stay at home or be a digital nomad. Visit Kingdom LevaldigItaly. Make use of private jets, luxury yachts and smarter transport. Earn while you support various causes: Mentor children, rescue pets and speed up the adoption process. Save abandoned horses and mistreated donkeys. Ban circus animals and liberate zoos. Enjoy exclusive holidays and cruises. Become financially independent, working with ethical partners. Join Club SYNERGY!

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